Friday, January 24, 2014

End of an Era

R.I.P. shit art for that matter.
 I'm not proud of this blog anymore.  Like most writers I know, I find my old work embarrassing.  My grammar was terrible.  My jokes were worse.  I don't like to think that I had the thoughts expressed in these pages, but the proof is there.  Right on the electronic page.

I recently started working at Out Front Magazine.  I've learned a lot about writing.  I've learned a lot about people, culture, diversity, drama, public appeal and the evils of the oxford comma.  I'm embarrassed by how many commas are in this blog.

Most of my pageviews come from Russians who hate their coworkers.

I'm also embarrassed by all of the viewpoints I had.  They now seem vaguely racist, sexist, elitist and just downright wrong. 

If I ever do decide to revive this blog, it will be heavy on shitty drawings (the best part of the blog to begin with) and low on every single thought that pops into my head.  I will actually edit my work.

For now, I get my fill of creative expression at my job, and if you ever get a wild hair, check me out here.