Thursday, December 27, 2012

I'm Going to Fail.

You guys... I'm sorry.  12 blog posts in one month was a lofty goal, and I have fallen short.  Fuck.

My dilemma is this:  I have only lived so long, and done so many interesting things, and I'm afraid that I will use them all up too soon and my blog will have to take a hiatus.  I don't want that!  Some of you may want that!  I'm assuming at least four and a half other people agree with me and want the blog to go forever, so in order for that plan to work, I must lose the battle of 12 days of christmas.

It's not fair to you, and I'm sure all you kids out there are crying with disappointment, so I'm doing a very special last minute christmas deal from me.


Send an email to or send me a facebook message with the following information:

-Favorite Animal
-Favorite Illicit Drug --optional, for all you mom's out there
-Favorite Cartoon Character

And in return, you will receive either a picture, a dirty joke, or something ELSE!

I love you all, Merry Christmas!