Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Well, I got my first ever fan-mail from the website, and it consisted of "why aren't you updating more often. This is not how you get a large fanbase." Too right, fan. However, I am in the middle of writing a few articles, and I can't force this stuff out because it will seem contrived and forced, and no one will enjoy it. Not even myself.

Here are two links that will enrich your life. Most of you will have seen the first one, but my brother hadn't seen it, and he practically lives on the internet.

The second one is a song version of the first video, and frankly, it's changing my life.

A little life update for you all: I was interviewing with a company in Minneapolis. I finished 2 of 3 interviews over the phone, and they were supposed to be getting back to me yesterday. They haven't. I'm kinda crushed because this company sounded amazing, and Minneapolis sounds awesome too. Plus, you guys might not know this about me, but over-the-phone charming is something that I can pull off with flying colors. Honestly, interviewers have called me back before just to tell me how great my voice and inflection are over the phone. I guess this time the magic just wasn't there. There's still a glimmer of hope in my soul, but every time I check my empty email inbox, the glimmer gets smaller. Sad face.

On another note, I'm starting a new job on Monday at CDS Global. It will be my job to answer phones and renew magazine subscriptions. I'm glad I have a job. I'm sad that it's a job for high schoolers and retirees. Maybe I'll like it. Gotta stay optimistic.

Sorry for the whole no-picture thing. Hold on, I'll draw something real quick: