Saturday, July 9, 2011

Nails are annoying.

So Kayla criticized me last night for not writing a post in 3 weeks. Well fuck. Guys, there isn’t a lot going on with my life. You don’t get a lot of inspiration by sitting around on the couch all day, applying to jobs and doing an occasional interview. I COULD write about all of those things, but I have the impression it would turn into whiney bullshit, and if you were reading my blog for that, I suggest you click on the “next blog” tab (or go to Kayla’s blog), because most people’s blogs are about their whiney-bullshit life.

So today I will write about my fingernails. I feel like I can never keep mine clean! Even after I clean them, the next time I see them they look like I’m been picking the assholes of baboons for hours.

So I cut them about once a week. It’s annoying having to cut them without having a satisfying white part, but hygiene comes first, and more importantly, HR representatives never hire people with dirty nails.

(yes, I’m aware this blog post is a complaint about my nails. Whiney bullshit for life!)