Monday, May 9, 2011

PE Sucked

Well, I'm going to write about something now that most people seem to be reluctant to hear about in every day conversation. I used to be fat. Borderline obese on the BMI scale.

It sucks being fat. No denying that. I guess that's why I fight so hard to stay thin now. I've relapsed once in college, and gained weight during my sophomore year. I lost it again. But this story isn't about the relapse.

After my junior year in high school, my friend Sarah and I started the R'n'S exercise program, consisting of the first letters of both our names, and jogging at the track every summer morning. We actually had a lot of fun/hated it. I ended up running all the electrolytes out of my body a few times before we found out that gatorade is actually helpful for athletes. LEARNING! I also experimented with different types of music to see what kept me going farther/faster. I settled on the Christian punk-rock/pop sensation Relient K. And though I'm no longer religious, it still feels nostalgic to run to that album. By the end of the summer, I had dropped from 220 to 165 pounds, and had run a couple 5 Ks.

When I returned to school my senior year, I got complimented by a lot of people, and felt great. All except for my PE teacher, who swelled with pride at the sight of me. I was actually touched. Mr. Whisner isn't exactly the most touching man in the world, and I felt like I had done something really astounding when he seemed so impressed. But when I went to class, I found out something else.

Whisner: "Hey Barger, you're looking GREAT! What have you been up to?"

Me: "Oh, I've been running every day, just getting in shape n junk"

Whisner: "So I've finally convinced you, eh?"

Me: "What was that?"

Whisner: "BARGER, this is Physical Education! I'm the teacher, so I've obviously EDUCATED YOU ABOUT PHYSICAL ACTIVITY."

I couldn't believe it. Starting an exercise regimen on your own and sticking to it, along with a strict diet, heavily reseached by me, and Whisner thought he had done some monumental effort in my weight loss. I let it drop. But Whisner is a dick.

Anyway, this little story just means that I'm starting my summer exercise! I had to take last year off because of my broken hip. (a story for another time, or maybe a simple update on this blog later).