Sunday, May 8, 2011


I cleaned my apartment this morning. And by that I mean I took out the garbage and stacked the dishes by the sink, because there are at least 3 loads to do, and it was already full. Our house literally smelled like garbage, and we had a friend come over who exclaimed something of that nature.

So I managed to bring down the terror alert level in my apartment from a 5 to a 3.

I'm glad I have roommates that are able to thrive in this type of environment too, but I feel like we need at least one of us to keep our shit together. Instead we allow these things to pile up until one of us cracks and cleans. It's usually me, and I'm not complaining by any means. I don't mind cleaning. I just don't do it often.

It's sort of funny when one of us does clean though. The others sense a change in the force, and the guilt creeps in.

"Heyyyy do you want help?" -those just sitting around

"No, it's fine! I want to."-cleaner
Cue the guilt trip until the cleaning party stops their sad charade.

What's even worse though is when we have legitimate human beings visit us in our household. My best example is Any Person In Erin's Family. They visit maybe once every 2 months and just have looks of utter despair and terror on their face.

So Sharon immediately takes it upon herself to clean the apartment while the three of us beg her to stop. Being fully shamed by another person doing a favor is never a good feeling. The thing about the Greers is, they have their shit together. And they drink wine with us.